The Imereti Scientists' Union "Spectri"

Spectri is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization active in Georgia. The founders of “Spectri” are scientists working in the fields of Education and Science, Environment, Waste Management, Energy Efficiency, Social and Health Care, and Development of Small Businesses.

Year of Establishment: 1997
Registration Number: 12/10-01

Spectri is committed to working with a wide range of stakeholders to foster partnerships and ensure sustainable development for Georgia.


To create an active civil society for sustainable  development.


Since 1997, Spectri has entered into valued partnerships with a wide range of organizations. Here are a few of the funders and partners that we have worked with to date.

EU-TACIS, USAID, UNDP-GEF (BSERP), EU “Black Sea Basin 2007-2013”, US Embassy in Georgia, Royal Netherlands Embassy in Georgia, Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine, International Development Agency of Canada,  Eurasia Foundation, Horizonti Foundation, Open Society – Georgia Foundation, ISAR – Central Asia, IRC, ECA, IREX, REC Caucasus, KNIP and etc.


Spectri reaches out to local community partners to assist with environmental and social issues of special concern. We have experience informing, presenting new ideas, building consensus, and working out agreements. We work with many types of groups:

Local communities and governments throughout western Georgia; Universities; K-12 Schools; NGOs from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Romania; Environmental Organizations; International organizations.

Organization’s goal is to assist in the development of civil society in Georgia, and take part in social-economic and environmental problem solving at the local level. We are committed to working with a range of stakeholders to foster partnerships and work together to provide a sustainable future.

Fields of work: Education and Science, Environment, Waste Management, Energy Efficiency, Social and Health Care, Development of Small Businesses.


42.  Rivers and the Black Sea without Plastic  | funded by the European Union, 2020

41.  Waste Free Rivers for a Clean Black Sea | funded by the European Union, 2018 – 2021

40. Recycling: New Challenges and New Professional Opportunities | financed under the small grants scheme of Industry-led Skills and Workforce Development (ISWD) project of the Millennium Challenge Account -Georgia funded under the second Compact between the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Government of Georgia | 15.06.2018 – 15.12.2018

39. Supporting Recycling SME | US Embassy in Georgia | 2017-2018

38. New Professional Personnel for the Use of Solar Energy  | financed under the Industry-led                Skills and Workforce Development (ISWD) project of the Millennium Challenge Account-                  Georgia funded under the second Compact between the Millennium Challenge Corporation              (MCC) and the Government of Georgia | 2017

37. Moving Toward a Recycling Society | US Embassy in Georgia | 2016-2017

36. Support Rural Development in the Imereti Region through the Introduction of Energy Efficient          Measures | UNDP | 2016-2017

35. Raising Awareness of Local Actor’s on Association Agreement Implications for Georgian                  Consumers | EU | 2016-2017

34. Fostering Waste Management at a Local Level | funded by the US Embassy in Georgia,                  2015-2016

33. Small Rivers-Big Problems | funded by EWMI ACCESS, 2015-2016

32. Protection of Public Environmental Rights though the Regional Civil Society Network (R-CSN) |        funded by USAID EWMI G-PAC, 2014

31. Introduction of innovative waste management practices in selected cities of Georgia, Moldova          and Armenia | European Union Black Sea Program | 2013-2015

30. Promotion of Introduction of Alternative and Renewable Energy Technologies in High-Mountain        Regions | UNDP/GEF-SGP | 2013-2015

29. Protect Citizens from  the  Negative Environmental Impact of Kutaisi Metallurgical Works |                EWMI G-PAC” | 2013

28. Inclusion of Society in Environmental Decision-Making Process-Building Capacity of the Local         Government | funded by the USAID EWMI G-PAC, 2012-2013

27. Promotion of Sustainable Development of the Kazbegi Municipality Through Introduction of             Sustainable Waste Management Practices and Use of Alternative Energy Sources | European         Union | 2011-2013

26. Supporting Public Mobilization and Engagement in Decision-Making Processes Regarding              Environmental Protection | 2011

25. Students for Energy Efficiency | 2010-2011

24. Establishment of Energy Efficient Schools in Kutaisi and Ararat  | 2009-2010

23. Waste Composting | 2009

22. Development of Action Plan for Protecting the Population during Floods | 2009

21. NGO Education and Student Training | United States Agency for International Development              (USAID) Small Projects Assistance | 2007-2008

20. Improvement of the Waste Management System in Kutaisi | 2007

19. Pure Rioni-Pure Black Sea | 2006-2007

18. Step by Step to a Pure City | 2006-2007

17. Waste Composting in Kutaisi | 2006-2007

16. Maintenance of the Gene Pool of Endemic Threatened Species | 2004-2005

15. Local Environmental Action Plan of Kutaisi | 2003-2005

14. Experience of Ecotariums for Children: Environmental Education in Georgia | 2003

13. Save Svaneti! | 2002-2003

12. Popularization of the Principles of Evidence Based Medicine for Imereti Region Medical                    Personnel | Open Society Georgian Found OSGF.GE | 2002-2003

11. Privatization of the State Land in Kutaisi | 2002

10. Monitoring of Privatization in Kutaisi | 2001

9. Everything About Privatization in Kutaisi | 2001

8. Ecological Knowledge for Journalists | 2001

7. Khazar (Azerbaijan-Georgia project) | 2000-2001

6. Strengthening of Democracy in Imereti | 2000

5. Preservation of Working Abilities of the Socially Active Population | 2000

4. Association of Producers and Sellers of Georgian Tea | Eurasia Foundation | 1999-2000

3. Ecological Education for Children | 1999

2. Community Support and Sympathy for the Mentally Ill | 1999

1. Center of Ecological Education | 1998