Supporting Recycling SME

funded by US Embassy in Georgia, 1.09.2017- 31.08.2018, $ 23 676

Moving Toward a Recycling Society

funded by US Embassy SGP, 26.08.2016-30.08.2017, US$ 23,805

Raising Awareness for Georgian Consumers

funded by EU, 26.08.2016-30.08.2017, GEL 6,425

Fostering Waste Management at a Local Level

funded by the US Embassy Democracy Commission, 1.09.2015-30.07.2016, USD 20.757

Small Rivers-Big Problems

funded by EWMI ACCESS, 1/09/2015 - 31/05/2016, USD 14.940

Protection of Public Environmental Rights

funded by USAID/EWMI - GPAC, 15.01.2014-31.08.2014, USD 29.284

Introduction of Innovative Waste Management Practices in Selected Cities of Georgia, Moldova and Armenia

funded by the EU Black Sea Program, 10.08.2013- 09.10.2015, EU 80.485 (Spectri only amount)

Students for Energy Efficiency

funded by USAID ECI, 1.04.2010-20.06.2011, USD 38.000

Improvement of the Waste Management System in Kutaisi

funded by the EU TCAS, 2007, EU 200.000

Pure Rioni – Pure Black Sea

funded by UNDP-GEF BSERP, 01.11.2006-10.09.2007, USD 8,000

Waste Composting in Kutaisi

funded by Royal Netherlands Embassy in Georgia, 1.09.2006-1.09.2007, GEL 16,890

Maintenance of the Gene Pool of Endemic Threatened Species

funded by Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine, 1.06.2005- 1.12.2005, USD 2,520

Ecological Knowledge for Journalists

funded by REC Caucasus, 01.11.2001-01.05.2002, USD 4,998


funded by ISAR Central Asia, 2000-2001, USD 2,000

Ecological Education for Children

funded by The Horizonti Foundation, 1999, USD 2,998

Center of Ecological Education

funded by The Horizonti Foundation, 1998, USD 2,817