This organization was founded by Spectri in 2011. The aim of this student-focused group is to increase public awareness about climate change, support the use of energy efficient technologies, and promote eco-transport in daily life.

Mission Statement

We are committed to raising public awareness about energy efficiency in western Georgia.

Irakli Purceladze
Co-Founder, Project Coordinator, Grant Writer

Irakli is a Co-Founder and Grant Writer for the organization. He is also a doctorate student at Akaki Tsereteli State University, faculty of Electrical Engineering, and works at the Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE) as an electrical engineer (EE). His work gives him the opportunity to fully understand energy systems and how to work with them more efficiently.

Irakli’s passion is getting energy from renewable energy sources, and he has made a solar panel to power up his computer. As a very eco-conscious person, he brings this awareness to his work. He speaks Georgian, English and Russian.

Davit Dzadzamia
Co-Founder, Project Coordinator

Davit is a Co-Founder and Project Manager of the organization. He is also a doctoral student at Akaki Tsereteli State University in Engineering. He works in Kutaisi as an Electrical Engineer, monitoring substation data, watching for problems, and arranging repair. His languages include Georgian, English, and Russian.

His interests in everyday life include digital technologies, modern stereo systems, and psychology. Davit’s special environmental focus is to encourage hybrid transportation, both public and private, bicycling, and walking.