The Joint Actions for Environmental Protection in Black Sea Basin (BeECO)

The Joint Actions for Environmental Protection in Black Sea Basin (BeECO)
The Imereti Scientists’ Union SPECTRI as partner organization participated in the project: The Joint actions for environmental protection in Black Sea Basin (BeECO) with four NGOs from Romania, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia.
The partners united  their efforts in implementing number of activities, focused to boosting the development of environmental protection in the Black Sea countries. The BeECO project explored the opportunities for the development cross border activities in the project countries and beyond by providing a vast platform for experience and knowledge sharing between NGOs, local and regional authorities, public authorities, higher education and research, education/training centre and school for jointly promotion of good environmental management practices.
The partners propose an innovative project that  was  jointly promote public awareness and education regarding river and marined litter problems and shared  good environmental practices for biodiversity and environmental protection in Black Sea Basin. In order to ensure the cross-border impact, sustainability and multiplier effect, the project aims to create a BeECO IT app that was used by any person from the partner countries.
The Project started in 1.06.2020.
Duration of the project is 2 years.

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