Rivers and the Black Sea without Plastic

Rivers and the Black Sea without Plastic

Rivers and the Black Sea without Plastic

 Objective of the project: To support reduction of river and marine pollution in the communities of Georgia located in the Black Sea Basin with environmental awareness raising and public involvement in environmental activities aiming at protecting the Black Sea and rivers from pollution.

The project was result in:

–  Establishing the plastic recycling laboratory (Precious Plastic), which provided collection of plastic waste in target communities and schools.

–  Providing separate collection of plastic waste in selected schools, for which special containers were  placed in 10 schools at least.

–  The Upcycling Clubs were created in selected schools, which primarily were aimed at promoting plastic and other waste reuse and recycling among pupils and family members.

–  The Upcycling Master clases were taught in selected schools, and exhibitions of items made of plastic were organized.

–  The Booklet about river and marine litter reduction and good waste management practices  was printed and shared.

–  Clean-up events of BS beach and rivers banks were organized with the involvement of youth from selected schools and communities.

The project financed by the European Union.

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