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15 Sep, 2016

Improvement of the Waste Management System in Kutaisi

The Kutaisi municipal government collaborated with three local non-governmental organizations, including Spectri, to revolutionize the waste management system in Kutaisi and provide new services. Selective collection of waste, recycling waste into secondary products, and composting organic waste was introduced to the community through informational brochures, seminars, lessons for schoolchildren, and local clean-up activities. New containers […]

16 Sep, 2016

Pure Rioni – Pure Black Sea

Several actions were taken with the goals of educating the public, local authorities, NGOs and mass media on environmental issues in the Rioni River basin; and securing their participation in the rehabilitation and protection of the Black Sea and rivers flowing into it. An Informational Consultation Center was created with the main purpose of disseminating […]

16 Sep, 2016

Waste Composting in Kutaisi

This was the first project to introduce the process of composting organic waste in Kutaisi. The project had an important impact on the agricultural sector, producing 10 tons of compost from 30 tons organic waste collected over 8 months. Refuse bins were placed in 40 sites, two bins for each site, and emptied two times […]

16 Sep, 2016

Maintenance of the Gene Pool of Endemic Threatened Species

Spectri supported maintenance of flowers faced with extinction, as presented in the Red Book of Georgia, by identifying and recording their genofund. A plant inventory and foraging expeditions were carried out in Kutaisi. The project identified the places for flower exploration by determining the reasons for reduction in their quality. Plants were preserved through recultivation and later […]

16 Sep, 2016

Ecological Knowledge for Journalists

Through this project, a series of scientific and informative literature was published, entitled “Ecological Knowledge for Journalists”. The series is comprised of books concerning basic global ecological problems, especially ecological problems in the Imereti region, and a glossary of ecological terms. Additionally, a two-day seminar was organized on environmental problems for journalists throughout west Georgia. […]

16 Sep, 2016


This Azerbaijan-Georgia collaboration project published two books on ecological education for pre-school institutions. The Azeri NGO, Gulum, worked out a methodology of lessons on ecological training for pre-school institutions, and Spectri developed games on ecological topics. Books were published in the Georgian and Azeri languages, then distributed to pre-school institutions in western Georgia.

16 Sep, 2016

Ecological Education for Children

This project involved students from three primary schools in Kutaisi, two in Tskaltubo, and one in each of the villages of Kvitiri and Kvakhchiri, totaling 500 students. At these schools, discussion clubs on ecological problems were established, and teachers attended a conference. Students in the third and fourth forms received training at the Center of […]

10 Sep, 2016

Center of Ecological Education

The Center of Ecological Education for children was created in the Sataplia Nature Reserve. Ecological trails were established and a training room was equipped for educational meetings. Professional painters made identification plates with the names of trees and animals in the reserve. Once the room was prepared, it was inaugurated with training sessions on the fundamentals of ecology […]