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11 Mar, 2020

Rivers and the Black Sea without Plastic

Rivers and the Black Sea without Plastic  Objective of the project: To support reduction of river and marine pollution in the communities of Georgia located in the Black Sea Basin with environmental awareness raising and public involvement in environmental activities aiming at protecting the Black Sea and rivers from pollution. The project was result in: […]

24 Jun, 2018

Recycling: New Challenges and New Professional Opportunities

  Recycling: New Challenges and New Professional Opportunities   Partners of the project:  Plastic Product Manufacturing, UNADI LTD,  AkakiTsereteli State University The Project was aimed at: fostering the establishment and promotion of a vocational education system in the fast-growing and relevant sector of waste recycling through the application of international experience and the introduction of […]

8 Aug, 2016

Supporting Recycling SME

  Supporting Recycling SME The project was aimed at promoting capacity building of private SMEs and municipal enterprises acting in the waste recycling sector through the development of education and professional skills in modern waste separation and recycling technologies. Within the project, training-seminars were conducted on modern waste recycling technologies and approaches that enhanced the […]

2 May, 2017

New Professional Personnel for the Use of Solar Energy

  New Professional Personnel for the Use of Solar Energy The project was aimed at: Strengthening cooperation between the University, private sector and the non-governmental organization, and creating the best practices for meeting the challenges of the energy sector by the increased use of solar energy through training of professional personnel for this sector. The […]

8 Aug, 2016

Moving Toward a Recycling Society

The Project is aimed at fostering community formation oriented at waste recycling in the Imereti region by promoting best practices in waste separation and capacity building for municipal services. Project objectives are as follows: To introduce separated collection of waste in Tskaltubo City and foster public involvement in this process. To promote waste composting practices […]

25 Sep, 2018

Waste Free Rivers for a Clean Black Sea

  Waste Free Rivers for a Clean Black Sea   The Lead partner: Self-government City of Kutaisi. Partners of the project: Ungheni City Hall (Moldova),  Galati Tehnopol Association (Romania) and The Imereti Scientists’ Union “Spectri” Project  was aimed at: facilitating the enhancement of the quality of the environment and contribute to reducing river and marine […]

16 Sep, 2016

Raising Awareness for Georgian Consumers

This project was draw attention to gaps in current Georgian law to protect consumer rights through the production of radio programs for the Imereti and Kvemo Kartli regions. Programming was in the Azeri and Georgian languages. This project was part of the 2014 EU-Georgia Association Agreement, a long-term, comprehensive, reform agenda to which Georgia had committed […]

7 Oct, 2014

Fostering Waste Management at a Local Level

Local Environmental Action Plans were prepared for the benefit of Kutaisi, Tkibuli and Bolnisi. Municipal-level separation of plastic waste was implemented in Tkibuli. Public education was enhanced through a variety of media messages.

7 Oct, 2014

Small Rivers-Big Problems

The project Small Rivers-Big Problems focused on raising citizen awareness about flood prevention and providing skills to manage and respond to floods in two municipalities of Vani and Baghdati. Main activities of the project: Mobilize communities into volunteer groups to engage in spotting the flood-prone riverbed areas, create hydrological maps and a disaster management plan […]

15 Sep, 2016

Protection of Public Environmental Rights

In order to protect the rights of residents in the industrial cities of Bolnisi, Tkibuli, and Kutaisi, Spectri worked with Regional Civil Society Network (R-CSN) member organizations to ensure public participation in development, implementation and monitoring of the Local Environmental Action Plans (LEAP). Stakeholders were engaged in development of the LEAP for Bolnisi, and a […]