Project “New Professional Personnel for the Use of Solar Energy”

Project “New Professional Personnel for the Use of Solar Energy”

Project “New Professional Personnel for the Use of Solar Energy”

The project is aimed at:

Strengthening cooperation between the University, private sector and the non-governmental organization, and creating the best practices for meeting the challenges of the energy sector by the increased use of solar energy through training of professional personnel for this sector.

The project tasks are as follows:

  1. Familiarization with the best experience in planning and implementation of professional retraining in the field of energy, through the example of USA best practices in this field.
  2. Introduction of a new vocational program aiming to train and retrain professional personnel for maintenance of solar energy equipment through close cooperation with the private sector. .
  3. Planning and implementation of the flexible special training courses.
  4. Promotion of new needs-oriented vocational education and informing beneficiaries about career opportunities in the energy sector.


Project expected results:

  •  The workshop on bets practices of planning and implementation of professional retraining on the basis of universities in the USA, will be conducted. At least 25 people will raise their knowledge on best professional retraining practices in the field of energy.
  •  The needs existing in the field of maintenance of solar energy equipment will be studied and relevant recommendations on developing the training programs will be worked out. Up to 100 representatives of the private sector, academic community and consumers will be surveyed.
  •  The minor training program for training of solar energy equipment technician will be developed within the  vocational program “The Electrician, 4th step” existing at the Department. At least 10 students will be trained within the mentioned minor program. The mentioned minor program will train
  •   Two training courses will be designed (Energy Audit, Solar Collector and Panel Operation) for adults. At least 15 adults will complete the mentioned courses.
  •  The Employment Forum will be conducted, which will involve at least 50 beneficiaries and not less then 10 representatives of the private sector.
  •  The information campaign will be implemented (3 telecasts, 3 radiobroadcasts and booklet with circulation of 1000 copies).
  •  A Summer Camp will be organized for vocational education of senior pupils in the field of energy. Number of participants – 25 people at least.
  •  There will be created an example of cooperation between the university, private sector and non-governmental organization in the field of energy, which can be used by other interested parties.


  • Familiarization with the project best practices. To this end, there will be used the following means: preparing and sending out the documentation on best practices; holding the Conference; telecasts and radio broadcasts, the Internet resources and so forth. Special attention will be paid to relationships with universities and colleges implementing vocational education programs in the field of energy.



Project grantee is AkakiTsereteli State University. Project will be implemented by the Energy and Telecommunication Department of ATSU.

Partners of project: Imereti Scientists’ Union “Spectri”  (NGO) and “Geo Energy Engineers” Ltd.


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